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            Outlook of Department

            School of Chemical Engineering and Pharmacy

            School of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

            School of Material Science and engineering

            School of Environment and Civil Engineering

            College of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

            School of Economic Management

            School of Law & Business

            School of computer science and engineering

            School of Science

            School of Foreign Languages

            School of Arts

            School of Adult Education

            International School

            Department of P.E.

            School of Telecommunication & Information Engineering


            The WIT Administrative Office

            Organization department (United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee , Party school)

            Publicity Office

            Discipline Inspection Commission Office

            Audit Office

            Student’s Affairs Office

            Youth League committee

            Security Office

            Personnel Office

            Office of Teaching Affairs

            Office of Admission & Graduate Affairs

            Office of Science & Technology

            Graduate Students office

            Office of Financial Affairs

            Office of Assets & Logistic Administration


            Network and Information Center

            Journal editorial Office

            Center of test and survey

              Address: LiuFang Campus, No.206, Guanggu 1st road, Donghu New & High Technology Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei Province ,P.R. China
              Postcode: 430205
              Copyright © Wuhan Institute of Technology Network and Information Center
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